Just a Card


Frequently Asked Questions about Just a Card - and the answers!

Below is a list of questions we're often asked about the JUST A CARD campaign. We hope these answers will point you in the direction of information you may need.

Is the campaign open to everyone?

YES! Whatever you make, whatever you do, whether you're an artist, designer, crafter, maker or independent shop we're open to all. If you sell on Etsy, Folksy, from your website, at design or craft fairs or in smart galleries around the world then join the celebration. If you run events, put on exhibitions, represent your town or are a blogger or journalist - then you're invited too. If you're none of these but are simply somebody who appreciates and values creativity and originality then come on it.  Everyone's welcome - The more the merrier!

Is the campaign just about cards?

Absolutely not! We use cards simply as example of a small purchase:  read why on the home page. Think just a card card, just a book, just a necklace, and so it goes on......All sales add up & make a huge difference.

Is there a joining fee? How do I get involved?

It's free. All we ask is you share the campaign message. Help spread the word. Join us on Twitter, Retweet our Tweets and tell people about the campaign

Who runs the JUST A CARD campaign?

The campaign is run by a team of ten volunteers, all artists, designers or creative business owners. We each have first hand knowledge of the issues facing independents, and believe firmly that celebrating the talent, commitment and passion of creative people will encourage the wider public to support them. You play a vital role in this too - please share the campaign message, after all - we're all in this together!

Click here to meet the team

Do you have a Facebook page?

We use Sarah Hamilton's business FB page.

Please LIKE the page and SHARE lots of the posts. When Sarah set the campaign up she used this page to generate interest. It now has many followers and gets lots of interactions, so you'll appreciate starting a new JUST A CARD page from scratch would be both time consuming and counter productive.

Can we use your logo on our publicity material?

Of course! That's what it's there for!

Have you ever considered making a directory of independent shops, design fairs or events?

We're incredibly grateful for the many suggestions you put to us, and we're always genuinely delighted to hear your feedback. However it's important to remember we're only a small volunteer team. We work this round our own work and life and it takes a lot of time. Many suggestions would take hours more work and regrettably, at present we've neither the time or resources to take on more.

I’m an artist/designer/independent; will you feature my work?

We understand it is difficult to publicise your work, we’ve all been there, but JUST A CARD is not a promotional platform.

We do feature talented people through the regular ‘Have You Met? feature on Instagram and we also showcase artists’ work which is clearly relevant to our message.  However, Just a Card cannot provide a shop window for individual artists, designers or creative businesses. There are just too many people involved and it wouldn’t be fair. Your work will reach the wider audience you’re looking for if you take part in our events. There is no easy road to ‘exposure’ – we’re artists and makers too and we understand this.