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 Our campaign aims to encourage people to support independent shops, galleries and Designer /Makers.

It's extremely rewarding running an independent business, but it's not easy. Rent, power, staffing, business rates, stock and cake all add up and, without support, these shops become boarded up eyesores! Often people don't realise that even a small sale really helps keep independent businesses  in business. Since starting this campaign I've been absolutely inundated  with messages from shop/gallery owners and artists/designer makers  who say how vital our message is. The buying public said they were often embarrassed to make a small purchase as they felt it appeared mean. WHAT A SHAME!!  You'd never say that about a big chain - so the little guys lose those vital pounds and our beautiful towns become more and more boringly uniform.

Our aim is, by  recognising our distinctive logo,  people will be prompted to think again before they say "How Lovely' to the shop owner and rapidly turn heal. Then two days later, when in need of that perfect birthday card, they panic buy at the end of their supermarket shop.  HOW SAD!!  f they'd  only recognised our logo in the gallery they may hold that special card,  and also could've  helped keep the  gallery owner, and the Designer/Maker who lovingly made it,  in business. Our campaign uses cards as an example, as people always need cards, but any item lovingly created is surely worthy of a purse raid.......


“If everyone who’d complimented our beautiful gallery had bought just a card we’d still be open.”


When I read this quote by shop keepers who’d recently closed their gallery I thought - enough is enough - we need to fight back! As an artist and designer,  who also makes cards, I know just how valuable each and every sale is, not only to independent shops  and galleries which make our High Streets unique, but to their artists and designer suppliers. Regrettably it’s too late for that gallery, but others need our valuable support, and this is why we started our campaign JUST A CARD - to encourage people to appreciate just how invaluable every single purchase is.

Promoting  this campaign is a labour of love  and we need our spirit of community to help make a difference.  We'd love your help to spread our message - please TWEET, RETWEET, BLOG, FB, IG and also CHAT! 

LET'S MAKE A DIFFERENCE.........together.........






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“Supporting local businesses is crucial if we want to keep our local High Street alive and buzzing with independent, exciting  and creative shops. Don’t just talk about it, do something about it: shop locally and you will make a real difference!”
Patricia van den Akker - Director of  The Design Trust.

“A small purchase can make a huge difference if we all get involved. At Mollie Makes we are all about working together to support our creative community - it keeps us mindful in our buying choices, as well as spreading the joy of beautiful, thoughtful designs.”
Lara Watson - Editor of Mollie Makes.