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Top Tips for Selling at Christmas Markets

By Victoria Wright

The days are drawing in and it’s very definitely getting colder, which can only mean one thing – we’re getting closer to Christmas Market season!

As we all know, for small businesses every sale counts and it is especially true at Christmas. Its is an expensive time of year but can also be a very rewarding if you are prepared – there’s nothing better than shopping for unique and handmade gifts at Christmas!

To help you get you ready for this most profitable time of year, the Just a Card team have put together a list of ‘top tips’ for selling at Craft Fairs this Christmas:


· Research your events – there are all manner of Markets Craft Fairs and Trade Fairs which offer a variety of opportunities. Make sure you research thoroughly and find the right event for you and your products to maximize sales

· Apply early! Applications for Christmas Craft Fairs often open over summer or Autumn time, (trade events even earlier!) so keep your eyes peeled and don’t miss out on the opportunities around you

· Promote your event on Social media beforehand and talk about what you are selling and any special offers/seasonal gifts

· Plan the layout of your stall in advance – make sure you have a welcoming display which shows off your items in the best possible way

· Make sure you have your branding in place – signage, business cards and a clipboard and pen for people to sign up to a mailing list if you have one – sometimes people will follow up online with a purchase!

· Consider you stall decoration – seasonal fairly lights or Christmas decoration could make it seem more inviting

· Think about packaging – bags, bubble wrap or boxes if your items require it, perhaps you want to offer a gift wrap service?

· Invest in a card reader – it really is worth it, especially if you are selling higher priced items! Make sure you also have enough change and cash for the occasion.

· Print out your Just a Card Poster and Leaflets – available from our website here, and encourage those sales!


· Arrive early and give yourself enough time to set up

· Have fun – smile and be approachable. If you chat to people about your work and processes they are much more likely to make a sale

· Chat to your fellow stallholders! It’s a great chance to make friends and pick up tips from fellow makers

· Make a note of your sales – it’s always good to know what has sold well and what hasn’t –it can help you plan for next time

· Support other small businesses! You may not have time to shop at the event but grab some business cards and take notes, Christmas Craft Fairs really are the best places to buy handmade, unique items for your friends and family at Christmas, and you’ll be supporting a fellow designer/maker too! What could be better than that?


· Follow up on Social media and let people know what you bought/how you did and what you thought of the event (positive comments only!)

· Contact anyone who may have signed up to your mailing list and remind them of your fabulous products while its all still fresh in their mind

· Do a stock check and start planning for next time!

And that’s it, we hope it helps maximize your sales this Christmas. Don’t forget – if you’re doing any event this Christmas let us know by tweeting us on @justacard1 or adding our logo and the hashtags #everysalecounts and #justacard and we will share as many as possible. The Just a Card message really helps to remind people that as a small business you really value every sale, so we hope it gets people talking and shopping from small businesses this Christmas!




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