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Just A Card Social Media Tutorials: Day 4

Today we are talking about Facebook Pages, which I think may be the trickiest social media platform to get to work for you. But it is still important to be there because remember people want to share your wonderful work! So, if you don't have a Facebook Page yet then please spend a moment today setting one up. 

Emily's top tips for Facebook Pages. 

1. Show up : Don't completely forget about your Facebook Page. Even if it's hard to get people to see what you are posting, it's still important to post. Otherwise your page will look completely empty when people visit. 

2. Use the Facebook Scheduling Tool : I regularly use the Facebook Scheduling Tool to load up a week or two worth of content. Instead of posting straight away you can click to choose when to post it. I find this makes me feel a lot more positive and organised about my Facebook Page.

3. Facebook loves video : If you create any videos make sure you share them on Facebook. If you are confident in front of the camera then why not run a regular Facebook Live session for your audience? I do one of these every week and I know it's valuable. 

4. Do not panic about your numbers : Your Facebook Page numbers are likely to be the ones that can cause you worry and stress. But please know this is the same for everyone. It's not just you, so do not waste energy panicking about it. 

5. Think about advertising : Think about whether you want to use Facebook Advertising. You can boost posts as well as creating adverts. Be careful with boosting posts. Boost ones that really matter and then be sure to post several things before boosting another one. 

6. Stay positive : It is really important to stay positive with all of your social media. I know it can be hard but social media is a slow game, so keep showing up, doing good work and being nice to people. 

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