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Announcing Just A Card Week!!!

By Sarah Hamilton

We're getting very excited here at campaign HQ - JUST A CARD WEEK starts a week next Monday! We're delighted you're so keen to be part of our huge celebration of Artists, Designers, Makers, Independent Shops and creative businesses. Excitement is certainly mounting. There's lots happening during the week, it'll be a great way to make friends, share your work and shout loud and proud about shopping small! We hope you'll be part of everything during the week, including our super fun Instagram Challenge and especially HAPPY DANCE Friday!

Here's a reminder of the prompts:


All fairly self explanatory…

Monday - you're invited to tell your story - what you do - what you make, whether you run a shop, own a business or simply love and value creativity.

Tuesday - share what our message means to you - why sales make such a difference - not only to your bank balance, but also to your psyche - they're a lift - a boost - a hop, skip and a jump! Or simply convey why it's important to value independents.

Wednesday - is all about community - your favourite shop or stockist, someone wonderful next to you at an event, friends you share a studio with, or a great shop next to yours. Just A Card is about mutual support -  'We rise by lifting others.'


Thursday - is back to work. Have you made a fantastic new website or designed a range of prints, ceramics, textiles or written a book perhaps? Are you an exhibition promoter or museum curator? Do you work with Independent shops? Thursday is about promoting what you do - JUST A CARD WEEK special offers even - If you've got it flaunt it!

Friday - let's party like there's no tomorrow – it is Friday after all! The Happy Dance - take pictures, post Instagram stories, movies, just you or with friends.

Every time you buy something from an independent business an actual person does a happy dance!


As I said JUST A CARD week is about more than just Instagram. There's daily Social Media tutorials for small businesses, designed to give you advice and top tips. I've been running the JUST A CARD Social Media for three years now, and have doubled up with our fabulous JAC team member Emily Quinton from Makelight (a proper expert and guru!) - our shared experiences will help you make the most of these powerful platforms. These will be on the JUST A CARD website every day during the week. 


And finally there's the PRIZE DRAW. Our wonderful blogger Kate Marsden is running a BIG GIVEAWAY with top prizes. One lucky winner will receive:


A half hour business mentoring session by Patricia van den Akker from The Design Trust (do check them out - quite the best creative advice out there);

There's also a six month subscription to Makelight worth £175;

A portfolio or branding review by leading art licensor Jehane Boden Spears; and

A copy of my book HOUSE OF CARDS. Just a Card is not only about cards, but this book is - it's a one stop shop on all you need to know if you design, make, sell of simply Love contemporary greetings cards. More about the book here.


So that's JUST A CARD WEEK 18 - 22 June!


We've worked incredibly hard as a team to organise this, so we'd really appreciate it if you'd help spread the word so loads of people take part! Please retweet our tweets and share the Facebook post so we can get celebrity amounts of shares. We're aiming for 500 shares on this! A record - So please do share it, there's a shiny JUST A CARD Gold Star in it for everyone who does!

Don't forget to get your JUST A CARD shop window sticker, we'd love to see images of them during JUST A CARD week. See the WINDOW STICKERS menu for how to get yours. Alternatively, you can collect one on person from Kate Marsden, at her open studio, where you can see her fabulous artwork too! 

Also a huge THANK YOU to everyone who bought our wonderful pins. They are such a great way to show your support for the campaign, and also help us fund campaign expenses. For those of you who told us you were so sad to miss out, the great news is they'll be back in stock soon. Please make sure you've joined our mailing list so you'll be the first to hear.


Creativity is so precious - we are all in this together. So we hope you'll enjoy being part of JUST A CARD WEEK. The aim is to raise awareness of the incredible hard work, passion and commitment independents make, and this is the perfect opportunity to shout loud and proud about this incredible community.


Don’t forget that all sales are so very important, and even the little ones can really lift the spirits – Sinead Koehler of the wonderful Crafty Fox Market (whose next market is this weekend – go and support it!) says:

"The 'Just a Card' campaign message is really important in reminding shoppers of their spending power and the difference it can make when they choose to spend with independent businesses. It's so true that every sale counts for our makers - they put so much effort into their stalls at Crafty Fox Market and even the smallest sale can make a difference to the overall success of their day."


Let's work together to make this one amazing celebration of all things Handmade and Independent! 18 - 22 June - BE THERE! 


Love Sarah and Team JUST A CARD!





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